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Wellness technology: can your company really afford to do without it?

By January 23, 2020 Wellness at work


It’s a crisis which shows no sign of abating. The cost to businesses up and down the country is astronomical, according to some estimates as high as £8 billion. Incredibly, stress anxiety and depression account for over half of all lost work days between them.

Small wonder that people seem to be falling over themselves trying to sell companies the latest miracle cure.  But what can really be done to combat the seemingly eternal problem of stress and mental illness in the workplace? Are traditional wellness programmes effective? Are they value-for-money?

Companies have been stubbornly clinging to these ‘tried and tested’ methods of wellness promotion for a long time. We all know the old favourites: Yoga, massage, company retreats. Not to mention some rather dubious ideas at the wackier end of the wellness spectrum. Meatless Monday anyone? However, far-sighted managers have recognised the importance of incorporating new technologies into their wellness programmes and there are a good number of solid reasons for this.

Let’s take as an example an old staple of wellness programmes everywhere: massages for your staff. Many companies have started to employ masseuses for their workers. Seems like a great idea, doesn’t it? Well, yes and no. Whilst providing your staff with digital massage guns would represent a one-off expense for your business, hiring a masseuse is a recurring cost which will inevitably prove to be very expensive over the long term. If you can get the same (or better) results for less money it’s just common sense to go for the technological solution. Far from being a gamble, an investment in wellness technology starts looking like a safe bet.

Another way in which employers are using technology to promote wellness is by providing employees with fitness trackers to help them monitor both their fitness levels and the amount of sleep they are getting. The advantages of this approach are obvious: while exercise in the workplace is clearly beneficial, getting your staff to monitor their health and well-being for longer periods of time can help them to identify any potential problems more quickly and this could ultimately save your company time and money.

Technology based wellness programmes have a proven track record of stimulating employee creativity, reducing work related stress and anxiety and cutting the average number of sick days taken by your staff members. Not only does this foster a healthier, calmer, more pleasant working environment, it also boosts employee productivity.

As the epidemic of workplace stress continues to worsen, effective wellness technology will come to be regarded as indispensable.

OMG Welltech can help navigate your business through the highs and lows of wellness technology in the workplace. For an informal discussion about how OMG Welltech can help, book an appointment here.

Orange Monkey Group supply products for the wellbeing of the body and the mind to numerous channels including retail, health and education. We have made it our goal to improve people’s physical, mental and emotional health, an aim which is even more important to us than the previous heights towards which we have strived. For all too many, feeling good and sleeping well have become something of a luxury. Here at OMG however,  we are happy to be able to help our customers enjoy that luxury to the full.

We’re proud to be partnered with the Blink Mental health campaign and we will work hard to support the charity in various ways. It’s an exciting time for us as we get to help those who have been affected by issues that, sadly, any one of us could have the misfortune to experience in our ever more complicated lives.

Neeraj Sachdeva

Neeraj Sachdeva – Founder and CEO Orange Monkey Group

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