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The Oriori squeeze ball is the world’s first smart hand grip trainer and games controller! With today’s moving technology we understand your workout must be the best it possibly can. Plus, with most of our time spent outside of a gym whether that’s in an office, at home or on the go you need something that can keep up with your busy lifestyle…. step forward the Oriori squeeze ball…!. The Oriori allows you to focus on your handgrip work out, while the amazing free Oriori app does everything else for you. It count’s your reps, measure’s your grip strength in kg (so you can really see who squeezes like a champ) and keep’s a count of how many reps you’ve done by day to really measure and compare your gains!

Exercise through fun activities

Now for the fun part, the Oriori turns into a game’s controller linked to the activities in the Oriori app. There are over 10 activities to play aimed at all age groups and levels. Activities include

Fireworks – An activity where rapid grip pressing is required

Shooting arrows – Again a high grip activity

Life and Death Knight – A medium pace but good hand/eye co-ordination is required and ability to judge grip strength is needed

Panda Blast – An easier activity but targets hand grip stamina over longer periods

Jumping Birds – Medium activity where great hand eye co-ordination is needed

Skyscraper – A much slower activity and easier to follow, great for improving from a slower starting point

Poorly Ringo –  Slow paced but good hand eye co-ordination is needed

Common Heart – A meditating activity, relaxing control of body and able to follow instructions on the screen to adapt grip at a moving pace

Palmer sports Games – Numerous activities of various levels

Please note these activities are very addictive so you’re likely to have amazing grip strength in no time! The activities range in strength and intensity so you really do have something for everyone!

If only I could compete with my friends and family when they’re not around I hear you cry! … In today’s world the ability to connect Online is paramount that’s why a number of the activities are multiple player based, which means you can even compete with your nearest and dearest through the app wherever they are in the world as long as they can connect to the app!.

Who is the Oriori for?

Everyday life requires the ability to have good grip strength, a few examples include carrying your bags, holding items, fine motor skills…etc… So really the Oriori is for anyone who is able to hold and squeeze it!. Also we’re very aware those who practise certain sports rely completely on a great grip, examples include Squash, Tennis, Golf, Bouldering, other Climbing activities, Handball,.. the list goes on…. Of course, the Oriori is a stress ball so do expect it to help in the same way any stress ball would, with an added dimension of having an interactive area to keep you motivated! Our Common Heart feature within the games section really is great for relaxing!. To enjoy all the features of the Oriori please make sure you have a mobile device with an internet and Bluetooth connection and access to either Playstore or Appstore. While we would love for everyone to enjoy the benefits and enjoy the fun aspects of the Oriori we do advise for anyone using it to be over the age of 5 as below this may be difficult to hold for hand size and also difficult to squeeze. Also only exercise to your limits, if you over exercise you could end up with an injury!

Safety Warning
1)Do not use corrosive liquids to clean the machine

2) Keep away from water, magnetic field and electric field

3)Keep Oriori ball away from water

4)Do not disassemble, repair, alter Oriori ball by yourself

5)Storage:Store in dry place and away from sunlight and heat

Legal Disclaimer
Should be used for intended use above!

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