What Payments do we accept?
Visa debit cards plus Visa Mastercard and American credit cards

Can I order over the Phone?
Unfortunately not, although our Online service is extremely safe and powered by Stripe. We aim to
reply to your email’s within 1-4 hrs in normal working hours. We also have access to messaging
through facebook, just click the Facebook symbol at the bottom of the page

Who own’s Oriori and the brand?
The brand in the UK is run by the company ‘Orange Monkey Group LTD’ and supplies other retailers
in the UK and Europe as well. They can be contacted through the email address info@omg.limited

What is an Oriori squeeze ball?
The Oriori squeeze ball is a new exciting product which you can connect to a free downloable app on
either Andorid or IOS. The user can improve their grip strength, measure their grip in grams, play
numerous games through the app and even play certain games online with their friends

Can I use the Oriori squeeze ball anywhere?
You must have an internet connection whether through a normal data plan or WIFI plus your mobile
device must be able to connect to the Oriori through Bluetooth

How many games are there on the app for the Oriori?
Current games on the Oriori include Fireworks, Shooting Arrows, Grip Strength, Life and Death
Knight, Panda Blast, Jumping Birds, Skyscraper, Poorly Ringo and Common Heart. There is also a
sports section called Palmer sports meeting which has a number of athletic sports games. Please
note games can change over time to keep up with changing demands.

I’m not into games, what can I use the Oriori for?
The Oriori is primarily a gripping device, there is a training section which allows you to focus on
squeezes per day, finger strength and squeezes with a higher pressure. All of these are great for
improving grip for sports where you have to grip an object like a racket or golf club. It’s also great for
strengthening fingers which helps grip for certain calisthenic exercises and climbing activities like